We want to make booking with us as simple as possible, so please follow the 'how to book' information below:

We look forward to you joining us!

The Man to Man Retreats Team



As we are restricted to numbers on each retreat, there will only be a set amount of guests we are allowed to attend each retreat.

You need to go to our Men-Only Retreats main page and select which retreat you would like to join us on, and then fill out the RSVP Registration Form followed by your payment.

In general, all of the rooms can sleep from 2 - 6 guests but you are welcome to book any room you wants to which you can choose from in our Overview and Accommodations Page

Each room for every retreat will have its own minimum set price that must paid straight away when you RSVP. 

 For example - 1 x room per booking when RSVPing

You can invite more than yourself in your party should you choose to based on the size of the room, for example: if there is a room that sleeps 6 people, then 6 of you are allowed to occupy it.

You are paying for the room.

(We will add a surcharge amount for your stay, which will be for breakfast if there are more than 2 guest staying in any 1 x room). 

If there are more people in your party when booking with us, we ask you to provide their full names on our registration form before you make payment.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Members receive discount on all room bookings at our retreats, and we also give Gold and Platinum Members first choice of the rooms available unless they are already booked and paid for in advance and in full.

Our Gold and Platinum members are eligible to receive this special treatment as part of their memberships.


If you would like to become a Man to Man Member, and take advantage of all of the benefits that come with them, then please sign up on our exclusive members page below:


If you can't make the whole retreat stay, then why not treat yourself to a 'day pass' and come and join in on some of our classes and treatments.


The day passes allows you to come and join us for a full day, starting in the morning from 7am, right through until the the evening at 10pm.


You can simply come and hang loose with us for the whole day, taking advantage of the facilities; such as the hot tub and games room, and if the sun is out, we will be having some yoga and meditation sessions happening outside, or if not, indoors.

There will be lots of relaxation to take advantage of during the day.

All you need to do, is go to our Spa Retreats page and select which retreat and what date, hit the RSVp button which will take you to our registrations form for you to fill out and complete with your payment. Prices start from £85 and you will need to pre-book any treatments and classes in advance of your stay, We will send you details on how to do that once you have booked your ticket. 

An e-ticket will be sent to you for you to keep and present to us on your arrival. 


The ticket will include your breakfast and lunch and if you choose to join us for dinner, you will have the option of ordering and paying for your evening meal on the day.


You will be able to take advantage of ALL sessions and treatments we have available throughout the day such as our yoga, meditation, deep sensual classes, and you can also book in for your individual massage treatments with the therapist of your choice (this will need to pre-booked through our website prior to your visit)


We look forward to seeing you there!


Answers to some of your thoughts and questions are below...

On a Man-to-Man Spa Retreat, we know that you will be wondering what to expect, so we have listed some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) that may help you with deciding on whether our retreats are for you?

Our company offers bespoke massage treatments as well as yoga and fitness sessions that are focused on men’s health of all ages, so whether you are a young twenty something, or a sixty, seventy or eighty something age, it really does not matter to us because we will adapt our treatments and sessions to you.

We create a ‘safe place’ for you to relax in and unwind. To hang loose with like-minded guys who enjoy the experience and social aspect of hanging out with other men, be them gay, bi, curious, or even straight men, to just kick back, relax, hang loose, and enjoy being looked after for a few days in the UK or for a week abroad in the sunshine.

The questions we are often asked are:

Will I have to be naked ‘all of the time’ during one of your retreats?


Is it a completely ‘naturist’ retreat?

The simple answer is no.

You do not have to be naked at all, but if you want to be then we are fine with that. So, if you don’t mind seeing naked guys, even if you are not, then you can expect that to happen.

 What if I don’t get along with one of your other guests during my retreat?

Ultimately, we want you to enjoy every second of your time spent with us, so we are there to ensure you have a peaceful, relaxing and tranquil time.

One thing we can assure you of is that we will do everything we can to make sure that everyone gets along during the retreat, but we know that in reality, that doesn’t always happen. We are all human beings at the end of the day, and we respect that some people may not get on.

We have designed our retreats in a way that allows you to take part in whatever activity or session that suits you, so your interactions with all other guests don’t have to happen at all. If it is a group session or activity that you are partaking in like our deep sensual group session or yoga, then you can be teamed up with one of the guests you do feel comfortable with or you can be next to or with one of our team members.

What we will not tolerate during any of our spa retreats is any abusive or bullying type of behaviour towards any of our guests or team during your time with us, and if someone is behaving in such a way that is affecting our other guests, then they will be politely asked to leave that instance.

Now to the juicy questions?

Will there be gay sex/sexual activities taking place during my stay?

In short to this question. Yes, there will be gay sex happening because we are men who enjoy other men’s company, and as a team, we will not be policing our guests’ personal intimacies with other guests unless we have to.

  There will be a lot of sensual treatments taking place throughout your spa retreat so sexual arousal plays a huge part of our sensual massage experience.

One of the healthiest ways to release tension is through ejaculation, so our team will be enhancing this experience with all our guests during their massage treatments.

Will sex be happening during the ‘me to you’ Deep Sensual or NURU treatment sessions?

We will NOT be encouraging sex throughout our ‘me to you’ sensual treatment sessions; they are designed for you to experience massaging another guy and have a little practice of some of the techniques we use at Man-to-Man, and should you want to take that further with whoever you are partnered up with then you have rooms available to go off and do that.

Please remember that everything throughout your stay with us is optional, so you get to choose what you would like to take part in or what 1-2-1 massage treatments you would (if any) you would like to book in for whilst you are with us.

Am I allowed to sunbathe naked during any of Man-to-Man’s spa retreats?

Yes, you absolutely can. We just advise you to use a high factor sun cream to ensure you do not get burnt on your more sensitive parts as well as the whole of your body.

Are we allowed to swim in the swimming pools completely naked?

Yes, you can, as long as you have showered thoroughly before getting in.

Can we have sex in the pools?

Hmmm… interesting question that we would love to say yes to, but unfortunately the answer to this question is no. This is just because we don’t want any of your 'bodily fluids' going in to the pool, so if intimacy starts taking place in the pool, then we politely ask you to take yourself off in to either the communal showers, or your own rooms shower/bathroom, or wherever else that is more suitable.